Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 1

So this is the first post on my blog. Yes, I'm adding more useless text to the internet.

If you're reading this, you probably found this through my Facebook or Myspace, or stumbled upon it somehow. You probably know me personally, and if you don't, please don't judge me based on what I write.

I just wanted a place to write. I enjoy writing and I wanted a place to put my writing, and blogs seem pretty popular. I don't expect anyone else to be interested by what I write. I'm basically doing this for myself, and I want to develop my writing skills.

I'll talk about myself now, since everybody loves talking about themselves. I'm a 19 year old white-washed Mexican American in a community college in California who wants to transfer to a real college. I really like movies, comics, video games, books, and music. My favorite record labels are Hydra Head Records and Ipecac Records. My dream career is to write movies, television, comics, and/or books. But breaking into the industry as a writer is extremely difficult, and the risk of having a fruitless career really scares me. Regardless, I like writing, and I'll probably use this blog to work on my writing.

Some of my posts will probably just be me rambling, other posts might just be stories I've written in my free time. Feel free to think that I'm a shitty writer. I try not to sound too pretentious, but forgive me if it happens once in a while. A few of my friends say they like my writing, but they're my friends and I can't depend on them to tell me I suck. I've had 3 different teachers tell me that they really like my writing and I have a really great writing style. I kind of wish they wouldn't say that, because it make me want to major in English/Writing. What do you do with a B.A. in English?

I don't know how often I'll post in this thing. We'll see how motivated I am to keep up with it.

I don't know what to name my blog.

I don't really care if you read this or not, because like I said, this is mostly for myself. I'd be pretty surprised if you read this entire post. Stay frosty.

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